As you all know, I am attending the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant ( in less than a weeks time! I have given you all the information on that pageant so I would like to take this opportunity to give you an insight on its “sister” competition called Top Model Search Canada ( If you are pursuing a dream of becoming a model then this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Top Model Search Canada ( looks for girls who have personality, drive, intelligence, along with inner and outer beauty. You don’t need to have any prior experience, or have any professional photos done; you just need to be between the ages of 17-26 and you must be 5’7” or over!

Being in this pageant can open many doors and opportunities. You will build confidence, poise, and learn all about the modelling industry. You will make friends while learning all the qualities of being a successful model. Besides model training you will attend workshops and meet industry professionals such as agents, models, makeup and hair stylists, photographers, voice coaches and more.

Being a winner of Top Model Search Canada ( you will receive a prize package of over $15,000. You will represent Canada at international competitions such as Miss Supranational, Top Model of the World and Miss Supermodel International. You will be featured in magazines, TV and be a guest at red carpet events. And many other awesome things!

I wish all the girls competing in this pageant the best of luck and hope you can accomplish all of your goals!

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