Hi my name is Vienna, and I am honoured to hold the title of Miss Teenage Southern Manitoba 2015 . I am extremely hopeful and very excited to see where this publicity may lead me. I have always been interested in making a name for myself and my beliefs and MTC has given me an amazing opportunity to do just that!

I live and have grown up in the small town of Morden where everyone knows everyone and connections are made around every corner. I love this aspect of my community and know that my childhood would be very different without this large body of people constantly supporting me and my decisions. Although people and family have been a major part of growing up with strong morals and beliefs, I also have sports and athletics to thank.

My Support System

I play many sports such as baseball, volleyball, badminton, track, downhill skiing, and gymnastics- talk about a busy schedule-consistently striving to be better, stronger, and faster in each physical activity. Sports have instilled a drive and determination in me that will stick with me for the rest of my life and hopefully lead me to do great things!

Downhill Ski Racing

I am also very interested in world issues and current events. I just adore deep conversations that involve controversial topics, or debates surrounding meaningful things that could possibly lead to ever expanding ideas and theories. These ideas and theories could be put to the test through charity involvement, the work I do in the community, or even around the world. I  have participated in a few missions trips, including a trip to Belize, where I experienced poverty and hardships first hand and will forever be inspired to help these people and make necessary changes in the world.

Belize Missions Trip 2014

Lastly, my platform surrounds mental health and psychological well-being. I am infatuated with learning and discovering more on why we do the things we do, why we feel the things we do, and why we experience or look at things/events differently than the person sitting next to you. These actions and feelings could be negative or positive, greatly affecting your mood and how you treat others. I wish to become a neuropsychiatrist to help study and discover how the brain is wired and what we can do to help council youth, as well as adults, into creating a positive state of mind for themselves. If we can help to create this positive and content atmosphere for those struggling, we can create a world in which everyone really does live by the golden rule (gold is my favourite colour by the way); treat others the way we want to be treated.

I hope this first post provides insight on who I am and what I wish to achieve throughout my reign of Miss Teenage Southern Manitoba 2015, and throughout my life. I will continue to update this blog on my journey to Nationals and 2015 year!

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