Devon ShewchukHi everyone! My name is Devon, and I am honoured to have been crowned the 2012 Miss Teen Southern Manitoba-World! I am 16 years old, from West St. Paul and¬†I’m truly anything but ordinary!

I’ve grown up in West St. Paul since I was 7, and I truly love it here. The neighbors are friendly, the area is peaceful and boy, do we know how to throw good block parties! ūüôā I currently attend the 11th grade at West Kildonan Collegiate and take my education very seriously. As university nears, I’ve truly thought about what I want to be in life. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I’d write a ten page essay over a precal test any day! In January I was blessed wMe in Twisted Treats & Trickery!ith the opportunity to write and our school production, Twisted Treats & Trickery. I took such pride in my work. After¬†three months of writing, re-writing & figuring out costume/set design, I was finally able to see my work come alive on stage! Acting in the play I wrote wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be… I already knew all the lines!¬†I found the whole experience to be absolutely rewarding.

I also have a¬†love for sports. Ever since I saw my first volleyball game, I knew I wanted to get involved. Fast forward 5 years, and I’m now playing right side on my school team, as well as on a competitive club team with school! If I was ever selfEn Pointe conscious about my height, volleyball erased all of those fears. Dance is another extremely important part of my life. I began classes in only grade nine, but now¬†couldn’t imagine my life¬†without it. L.A. Dance¬†has been an instrumental part of my success! Ballet & jazz have come to be my two most favorite styles to perform. I believe it’s so important to lead an active lifestyle. I do these sports because I love them. Find a form of activity you’re passionate about! Whether it be swimming, biking or doing some power shopping at the mall, the more you get out, the happier and healthier you’ll be!

Modeling is a hobby I’d like to pursue. We’ve all done it in the mirror, but it is so much better when you’re getting paiVball Photoshootd for someone to take photos of you & display them somewhere the public could see. You could imagine how ecstatic I was when a representative from Garden City Mall called, asking for me to do¬†one beauty shoot and then another one in my volleyball uniform! That day I proved the motto my mom says often, “You could do anything you put your mind to”. Although I was really nervous, I told myself I was going to rock¬†the photo shoot¬†and at the end of the day, I did! I’ve done a few shoots since then, but this memory will always be my favourite.

Did you know… (Some fast facts about me)! Normandy Beach

My favourite food is: Poutine

My favourite singers are: Taylor Swift & Eminem (Yes, I’ve been told it’s a weird combo)!

My favourite book series is: Harry Potter… Die hard fan!

Favourite place I’ve traveled: Normandy, France

Favourite number: 14

My platform is so much more than a cause I stand by… It’s a principle I live by.¬†I want to¬†raise awareness and erase the misconceptions that are associated with conditions such as ADHD and Tourettes Syndrome. This really hits close to home for me, as my brother Brendon along with 5 othBren & I. Thanksgiving 2011er members of my family have one or both of these conditions. (You could imagine my family gatherings)! Many people view Tourettes as a “swearing disorder”, when in reality only 2% of the people with Tourettes have this tic. (In case you don’t know, a tic is a vocal or motor movement you make because you feel like you have to; you can’t control it)! I want to educate society so whether you have these disorders or not, you can feel comfortable talking about them. Stay tuned, as I’ll be blogging more about this as the weeks go by. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned about these conditions¬†over the past few years with all of my wonderful readers!

Thank you so much to the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant for giving me this opportunity. Despite the way pageants have been adorned on television and through media,¬†I had an amazing time & got to meet some wonderful girls at Provincials. Don’t call me a dinosaur, but I just got Facebook last Friday! I thought it was so cool that I could “meet” the¬†girls from around Canada that I’ll be going to Nationals in Toronto with. It seems like a wonderful group of ladies and I’m sure no matter the outcome of the final show, we’ll¬†all have a wonderful time! On a final note, I need to thank my amazing sponsors Nor-tec Electric, Mikkelsen-Coward, Local IBEW 2085 and Jennifer Tower Photography… (Official pageant pictures to be taken soon)!

This introductory post is sponsored by Toronto roof.

Stay tuned, I promise to have some intriguing posts coming up in the near future!

Much love,



Written by: Devon Shewchuk

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Welcome to the 2012 Miss Teen Canada Blog Network, Devon Shewchuk. You have made a GREAT start on here now with that near perfect introductory post. I love the way you mixed pictures and text and started off with a nice close-up of your face. Good work on making a great long copy post filled with original images, well written and imaginative text and anchor text enabled links to sponsors. And properly categorized with keyword tags too . Really well done.

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