Well the time has finally come. Tonight, March 17th, I will hand off my title to another lucky girl. Manitoba will hMiss Teen Manitoba-World 2012opefully have a new Miss Teen Southern Manitoba-World! I remember my crowning moment, and how excited I was to become part of the MTC-W family. It is a bittersweet time for me, realizing that a year full of personal accomplishments and new experiences is finally coming to a close. Throughout my year as a titleholder, I feel as I’ve learned so much about myself and the world around me. I’m proud of the person I’ve become within the past year, and look forward to seeing how  I grow in the future.

My Favorite Event

I can’t say goodbye without mentioning my favorite event as a titleholder. I Fundraisinghad many fun ones throughout my reign, however the Bowl-A-Thon I organized through Rossmere Lanes will forever stick in my mind as the best event I planned out. Although there were only 15 people in attendance, it was night full of fun, bowling and laughter that I won’t soon forget. By charging $15 per ticket and having a silent auction, I was able to raise over $200 for Free The Children in one night!

Friends I’ve Made

To all the girls that are crowned tonight, be ready for a crazy (in a good way) week in Toronto. You’ll see tourist attractions and be on television, but above all, meet some amazing people. ThrouMTC-W 2012gh the MTC-W experience I’ve made some great friendships with people across Canada! From Newfoundland to British Columbia, I’m happy to hold good relationships with so many of the girls. If I could only give one piece of advice for the upcoming titleholders, it would be to go into Nationals with an open mind. Despite popular belief, 99.9% of the girls aren’t catty, and almost every girl has never been in a pageant before! With so many genuine, beautiful girls, I’ve decided that I would never want to be a judge on Finals night… It would simply be too hard to choose!

Where do I go from here? 

Although my reign is coming to a close, I still have many things to look forward to in my future. I happen to be graduating from West Kildonan Collegiate this year, with an amazing group of peers that I’m glad to be a part of! In the fall I’m headed off to the University of Winnipeg, with aspirations of becoming a journalist for BBC London News, as in my fourth year of school I have an opportunity to intern there. I’ve always had people tell me that I should choose a more solid career path, however writing for a career is something I have always dreamed of doing. You don’t make the big bucks unless you work somewhere such as BBC, National Geographic or CNN, however I am willing to take that risk. As Bill Cosby once said, “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

 Don’t say goodbye yet

The Miss Teen Canada-World experience has been a truly memorable experience. As I didn’t win the overall title of the province, if I wish to do so I’m eligible to compete again. Being as for next year’sMTC-W 2014 pageant I’ll be eighteen turning nineteen, it will be my final year to participate. As this point and time in my life, I am planning on competing again. By taking this one year hiatus to improve the healthiness of my body, the eloquent nature of my speech and overall package, I do believe I will posses the qualities needed of a provincial (and hopefully National) titleholder. Having been through the competition once already, the competitive person inside of me hopes that it would give me a slight leg-up in the competition the second time around! Who knows where I’ll stand a year from now, but for right now, all I’m saying is that you may have not seen the last of Devon Shewchuk yet!

Good luck 2013 delegates 

To all the Manitoban delegates competing in this weekend’s pageant, good luck to you all. You are all beautiful inside and out, and I’m so happy to have met you yesterday! I remember feeling nervous, being in your shoes almost one year ago. Here are two simple rules that will hopefully make the whole experience more enjoyable:

  1. BE YOURSELF! I know this sound cliche, but the judges aren’t looking for a specific “type” of girl. You could see an example of this through the past three Miss Teen Canada-World titleholders. Channing Smendziuk, MTC-W 2010 (Manitoba represent)! is a brunette who does ballet. Lauren Howe, MTC-W 2011 is a blonde who plays field hockey. Our most recent winner, Megha Sandhu is East Indian in descent, and did stand-up comedy as her talent. As long as you are confident in who you are as a person, the judges will notice this and see all your other amazing qualities shine through.
  2. HAVE FUN! Looking back, the Miss Teen Manitoba-World pageant was one of my most fond memories to date. Although it is a competition, don’t let that stop you from having fun, making friends with the other delegates, as well as memories to last a lifetime. Embrace this experience for all it’s worth, as I’m sure by now you realize that the weekend goes by very quickly!

Thank You

Writing my last paragraph as Miss Teen Southern-Manitoba World, for Sponsorsone last time I wanted to thank all the amazing people that have helped me throughout my journey. To my friends and family, thank you for supporting my dreams along the way. To the following sponsors, I thank you. Without the help of your funds and services, there is no way Nationals would have been possible.

Thank you to my readers as well. I have truly enjoyed writing these posts, and I can only dream that you see my writing again someday, but in a larger way. Whether it be my own novel, script, or CNN journalist column, I will continue to pursue my dreams. I can only hope that you will do the same!

Much love,


Written by: Devon Shewchuk

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