Today I got up at 5am and finished packing all of my last minute things, ensuring I didn’t forget my crown and sash! I traveled to the airport with my family and met up with Natasha Dupasquier, she holds the title of Miss Teen Central Plains (we attended a few appearances together). We were on the 9am flight bound for Toronto! It was all very exciting and nerve racking, I had no idea what to expect.

When we got off of the plane we were greated by one of our chaperones, Courtney Mandock (previous titleholder in Manitoba). So it was nice to see a familiar smiling face! She loaded us and all of our luggage into the bus and we came to our hotel rooms. This is where I met my roommate Hannah Costa. We became friends instantly and shared a lot of the same interests. In the afternoon we were given time to unpack and gather our thoughts before heading off to the Welcoming Party! This is where I met all of the other aspiring Miss Teenage Canada’s for the very first time. As you could expect, they were all wonderful and it didn’t take long before everyone was having a great time. This is also where we met our first sponsors, Golden Glamour Goddesses, Motives Cosmetics and HI-TEC footwear!


Thanks everyone!

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Written by: Sierra

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