Greetings everyone! MTC-WWith the first set of     MTC-W 2013 delegates being crowned this past weekend, I wanted to take this time and send my warmest wishes to all those reading my blog. 2012 was an amazing year, and I am blessed for many of the things that have occurred in it.

 Europe Trip

Over Spring Break I had the opportunity to travel to Europe with my school; visiting everywhere from London, England to Paris, France. I rode the World’s Largest Ferris Wheel (the London Eye),Europe saw the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at Buckingham Palace, ate gelato in a Parisian Cafe, toured through the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa, among many other activities. Touring Vimy Ridge, Normandy Beach (where D-Day occurred) and visiting Flanders Fields were all eye-opening experiences as well. Knowing that landmarks such as Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower are only seen on postcards for many in our country, I do feel lucky that I’ve experienced them first hand, and at a young age as well. I hope to go back soon, as Europe Trip was a vacation that I’ll never forget!

Calgary Trip

2012 brought me many other amazing times, such as going on a road trip with my cousins to Calgary so we could visit my Aunt’s newborn baby Kyla! Being only a month old at the time, it was great to cuddle with the latest newborn in the famiCalgaryly. As the last bundle of joy before Kyla was my cousin Cassidy eight years ago, we were all so happy to hear that my Auntie Rene was expecting! Having been my mom and my mom’s twin’s  best friend since grade eight, it’s difficult not to imagine my Auntie Rene as part of the family. Although I only get to see her once or twice a year, we share an extremely close bond. During my trip I truly enjoyed spending time with her, looking after Kyla and going shopping at Tiffany’s in the Chinook Center, as we don’t have one in Manitoba!

 Summer in Gimli

Working in Gimli all summer was a plus as well, as right after work I could walk down the street a hundred feetGimli and be on the beach. From the middle of June until September long weekend, I worked a full time position at Beach Boy Restaurant. The Greek eatery has some of the best food you could find in town! With it being my second summer there, when I walk through the patio doors it truly feels as if I’m right at home. Although sometimes we fought as families do, I always knew I could depend on the people there for a good laugh, great friends and a home-cooked meal. When I wasn’t at work, I spent the days in Gimli with my family and friends on the beach, often taking out the boat and heading off to “Seashell Island”, a hidden away escape that my family came across last year. I love summer, and times in Gimli gave me some of the best memories of 2012!

Swish Model Management

In the beginning of October, I was notified that I had been accepted inSwish Modeling Agencyto a modeling competition put on by Swish Model Management that I had entered a week beforehand. Many people had been turned away, however I and around fifteen other gorgeous guys and girls had been accepted in what turned out to be one of my most favorite memories of 2012! The hopefuls and I went through rigorous training session in order to get us ready for the final show. We took head-shots, learned how to “model walk” among many other things. The final show occurred at Kildonan Place Mall. I didn’t maSwish Modelling Agencyke the top three, but I made so many friends in the process! A grade ten girl Carlee came in first. She was so sweet and said she was simply coming for the experience. Seeing the surprised, jovial look upon her face when her name was called was priceless, and I can truly say that she deserved to win! I hope to maintain the relationship I made with her, the first runner-up Vanessa and many of the other models I met during this delightful time.

Florida Trip

In November, my family and I flew down to Florida and vacationed in a DisnFloridaey World resort. Having never been before, I truly was able to experience “The most magical place on Earth”! I thought I died and went to heaven after visiting Harry Potter’s “Hogwarts” at Universal Studios, which has been a dream of mine since it opened. One of my deepest, darkest secrets being that I’m a crazed Harry Potter fan who collects memorabilia and the works, this was an amazing experience for me. The following day we headed to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. After one twelve hour day, we still hadn’t seen eveFloridarything in the parks! As I love thrilling rides, my favorite one at Disney World was Expedition Everest. It was a wooden roller coaster that took you through the Yeti’s cavernous lair. You traveled up a mountain to the edge of a cliff. Seeing the jagged, broken tracks at the end I though we were all going to fly off the cFloridaoaster until it screeched to a halt, and went through the whole ride backwards! Other than that amazing ride, I enjoyed going on an animal safari where I saw elephants, rhinos, zebras, lions and giraffes (My long lost relative) roam throughout their natural habitat that had been created for them! To end off an amazing day, a fireworks show erupted behind the glittering Disney castle at Magic Kingdom around 11pm. It was truly one of the most spectacular sights I’ve ever seen.

Miss Teen Canada-World 2012

And how could I forget my experience at the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant this summMTC-Wer? I feel as I’ve almost exhausted the topic, blogging about this amazing experience so much. My title has brought me so many things. Without it, I never would’ve been allowed to travel across Canada by myself. I wouldn’t have had the motivation to become a healthier “me”.  I’d never meet sMTC-Wtars such as Luke Bilyk, Lights, Jesse Giddings, Victoria Duffield and All-Star Weekend. Sit down and talk with Craig and Mark Kielburger for fifteen minutes about Free the Children, my platform, what more I can do to help change the community and simply, life. Without being crowned Miss Teen Southern Manitoba-World, I wouldn’t have met 62 other beautiful ladies who live from coast-to-coast, or made the friends there that I still keep in touch with every week.

2012 truly treated me well. I feel blessed for the opportunities that’ve come my way, and I will cherish them forever. Since 2012 brought their “A-Game” the question I’m asking is “2013…Did you”?

Written by: Devon Shewchuk

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